I am a contemporary-print artist and I primarily use computer code to generate artworks for drawing machines, traditional print and sometimes screen. Much of my work focuses on using code to create multiple automated compositions. Where I'm often choosing pieces to feed back into the system as an iterative process or selecting them as the final artwork. I'm acting as the instigator and curator, while code, technology, and the drawing machine, with it's pens and ink, takes the role of creator.

My current approach has been driven by a desire to augment the laborious aspects of art studio administration (the boring parts of the job) with custom-built tools and AI. In doing so I've discovered that these tools have been expanding into my art practice itself, with the drawing machine acting as extension of myself both in the creation and documenting of the art.

In an attempt to understand my interactions with code, AI, the drawing machines and documentation I've started a year of Arts-Based Research, focusing on synthesised handwriting, AI assisted journaling and the processes involved in running an art-studio. The primary outputs will be documentation of this research, which may also produce drawing machine, print and sometimes screen based artwork as secondary outputs.

— Daniel Catt, 21st March 2024