Dec 14, 2023ยทedited Dec 14, 2023

Your ankle decided to keep you grounded, but didn't prevent you from having fun with games and moreover your creative mind did its job in making the newsletter and other stuff.

Thanks for the P5js tip, it's on the holiday viewing list :-)

I think the hardest thing for any artist that runs a studio by itself, is to find a sustainable way to find some form of accountability. Even more in the creative field. Every day having ideas, trying new things, learning new techniques, talk/mail with other artists.

But then there's the admin and business side of it. The not so fun things, but needed to pay the bills. And that's the hard thing of running a studio by yourself.

But on the bright side I see you making great art, doing NFT's, have a presence on the socials and on top of that make very interesting YouTubes.

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Classic. Just returned from the art supply store to try my first prints. Now I know how to make the perfect video too! Thanks : )

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